Depression: Get help quickly for the elderly

Depression: Get help quickly for the elderly

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Elderly patients with depression quickly need a therapy place

In the fall and winter months, many people suffer from a cloudy mood that can sometimes lead to depression. “In our dark experience, the demand for psychotherapy places increases significantly in our experience,” emphasizes the psychologist Prof. Dr. Gabriele Wilz from the University of Jena in a current press release. Older people are also often affected here, but according to the expert, they often have difficulty finding a therapy place.

Many older people “shy away from seeking help with psychological problems” or have problems finding a therapy place, reports the head of the outpatient department of the Institute of Psychology at the University of Jena. Here, the psychological outpatient clinic in Jena offers rapid support to older people seeking help. "There are therapy places in the outpatient department of the institute - at the moment without long waiting times," according to the Friedrich Schiller University Jena.

Increased depression in the dark season

In the dark season, many people get moody. Depression and mental disorders then occur more often, and older people are also often affected. Therapeutic help is urgently needed here. However, older people often hesitate to visit a doctor and, in addition, it can sometimes be difficult to find a therapy place for older patients in a timely manner. The institute for psychology at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena therefore offers special therapy places in its outpatient clinic for people over 60 years of age.

Therapy offer for the elderly

According to the university, the offer of help is aimed specifically at the older generation and the focus is on people from the age of 60. Therapy places are currently available without long waiting times. The range of treatments includes the entire spectrum of mental disorders and ranges from depression, anxiety and pain disorders to sleep disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders and sexual dysfunctions to the onset of dementia and support from caring relatives.

Initial consultation to classify the symptoms

In an initial consultation in the psychological outpatient clinic, a check is first carried out to determine whether there is a mental disorder that requires treatment or whether counseling is sufficient, the experts explain. If there is a mental disorder requiring treatment, psychotherapy is started after a short diagnostic phase. According to the university, this psychotherapy usually takes place as a single session once a week and lasts 50 minutes. If necessary, psychotherapy is also offered in the group.

Therapy places without waiting

Elderly patients desperately need therapeutic help for depression and other mental disorders, as do younger patients. "Since we have a lot of therapists, we can currently allocate therapy places to this age group almost without waiting," emphasizes the managing director of the outpatient clinic, Dr. Anne Katrin Risch. The costs of the therapies would be borne by the health insurance companies. (fp)

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