Is the abolition of VAT on fruits and vegetables?

Promote healthy eating: abolish VAT on fruit and vegetables

There is no doubt that plant-based food is good for your health. Experts usually advise eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. But not all German citizens do this. It could help if such foods become cheaper. The consumer organization foodwatch is therefore to be welcomed, demanding that VAT on fruit and vegetables be abolished.

Healthy fruits and vegetables

Last year, an investigation showed that Germans' fruit and vegetable consumption was stagnating. The plant-based diet is extremely important for health. For example, it is known that the higher the consumption of vegetables and fruit, the lower the risk of suffering a stroke or heart attack. If such foods were cheaper, more people might also use them more often. One measure to make fruit and vegetables cheaper is the exemption from VAT that the consumer organization foodwatch is now demanding.

Cheaper plant foods

An international team of researchers published a study last year that cut fruit and vegetable prices could prevent thousands of deaths each year.

The scientists justified this by saying that these foods reduce the likelihood of various cardiovascular diseases, but are too expensive for many families. If they were cheaper, they would be consumed by more people.

On the occasion of the “Jamaica” exploratory talks, the consumer organization foodwatch has now asked the future federal government to exempt fruit and vegetables from VAT. This should promote a healthy diet - especially in children.

Demand to abolish VAT on fruit and vegetables

"There are numerous false incentives that make healthy eating unnecessarily difficult: advertising that serves small children especially sweets, incomprehensible nutrition labeling and last but not least prices," said foodwatch managing director Martin Rücker in a message.

"It is high time to make healthy eating easier with tax policy measures - the World Health Organization recommends this with good reason," said the expert.

“If the Jamaican coalitioners want to seriously promote healthy eating, then they have to act consistently. VAT on fruit and vegetables must be abolished. That helps people and health policy goals alike, ”explained Rücker.

Many children eat wrong

Malnutrition and obesity are a serious problem, especially for children. Obesity alone results in around 63 billion euros in follow-up costs each year in Germany.

15 percent of children in Germany are overweight, six percent are even obese, which means they are at risk of diseases such as diabetes, joint problems, high blood pressure and heart diseases.

Compared to the 1980s and 1990s, the proportion of overweight children has increased by 50 percent. The main reason for the overweight problem: children are eating wrong.

According to a comprehensive study by the state Robert Koch Institute (RKI), children do not eat enough plant-based foods - especially vegetables, fruits, bread, potatoes and other carbohydrate-rich side dishes.

At the same time, most children eat too much meat and sausage and generally too many high-fat animal foods with increasing age. And above all, children consume sweets, snacks, sugary mueslis and lemonades in large quantities.

It is also the fault of parents who underestimate the sugar content of food, for example. (ad)

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