Welcome to this year's flu season

Welcome to this year's flu season

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The winter season poses an increased risk of influenza

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reports on the start of the flu season. Calendar week, the RKI publishes the weekly influenza report. This report provides weekly information on the activity of the flu virus and the spread of acute respiratory diseases in Germany. In the summer season, this report is only published monthly.

According to the current report, the number of cases of influenza viruses nationwide has doubled in the past five weeks, but there has been no increase in seasonal activity. For the 41st calendar week, the RKI reports normal to slightly increased activity of respiratory diseases, i.e. diseases that affect the respiratory tract. 428 medical practices actively participate in the weekly reports.

The number of unreported cases is high

The Lower Saxony State Health Office reports: “More than 80 percent of the causative agents of acute respiratory infections are viruses. Viruses, however, are rarely diagnosed because laboratory diagnostics are very complex and therefore rarely carried out. "

Regional differences

Even though there is little activity across the country from acute respiratory diseases (ARE), there may be large deviations in individual regions. The current interactive ARE report of the Lower Saxony State Health Office shows that although there is little ARE activity in day care centers for Lower Saxony, there is high activity in Friesland and even very high activity in the Uelzen region.

Influenza worldwide

The RKI weekly reports on influenza activity provide additional results for Europe-wide and global influenza surveillance. According to the report, there is currently little influenza activity across Europe, and there is currently no cause for concern worldwide. (fp)

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