Harmful weight loss: these are the ten worst diets

Harmful weight loss: these are the ten worst diets

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Don't try these diets!
Because one in two struggles with their weight in Germany, diets are trendy. Again and again new weight loss concepts are presented, which often do not deliver what they promise. Some can even endanger our health. We have put together the 10 worst diets. You should never try these! Because the consequences can be serious!

Nutritionist (M. Sc.) Veronika Schnittke is absolutely certain about one thing: Bad diets are much worse than alcohol, drugs and tobacco combined, because they destroy the metabolism, lead to the yo-yo effect and deficiency symptoms. She has taken a close look at the 10 most absurd diets and explains what she would definitely advise against.

Tapeworm diet - effective but dangerous
With the so-called tapeworm diet from Mexico you can slim down quickly and effectively for 1400 dollars. Supplied in pill form, the tapeworm in the digestive tract of the person who wants to lose weight absorbs the majority of the nutrients from food. As a result, fewer calories are absorbed, which leads to an energy deficit and thus to weight loss in the long term. However, this strategy is not without risk: the tapeworm triggers numerous symptoms such as severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, weakness, nausea and loss of appetite.

Cabbage Soup Diet - Very Boring!
With a cabbage soup diet, you can lose 8 kg in a week. Spooning cabbage soup every day takes a lot of nerve, because most people already hate the taste of cabbage soup on the third day. Apart from that, the highly one-sided diet harbors the risk of a protein deficiency, which can lead to muscle loss. If you quickly fall back into old habits after the diet, you also have to put up with a yo-yo effect. The cabbage soup diet may be successful in the short term, but in the long term you will quickly gain weight again after such a diet - usually even more than before.

Blood Type Diet - Eat Like Our Ancestors!
Followers of the blood group diet create nutritional plans based on the eating habits of the respective ancestors. For example, an unwilling person of blood group 0 receives a nutritional plan that is based on the nutritional behavior of a Stone Age man. The German Nutrition Society (DGE) quotes: "There is currently no scientific evidence for the claimed health benefits of blood group diets."

Werewolf diet - fasting according to the phases of the moon
The werewolf diet is the new Hollywood miracle cure that Demi Moore and Madonna are supposed to conjure up bacon from the hips. On a full moon, new moon or at the beginning of a moon phase, fasting and detoxification are performed with the help of a juice cure. But this diet is utterly insane from a nutritional point of view.

5-bite diet - but nothing more!
According to Dr. med. Alwin Lewis is five, the perfect number of bites for your next meal. Dr. Lewis believes it is much more important how you eat than what you eat. After three days with the 5-bite diet, you no longer feel hungry, according to Dr. Lewis. The most important question here is how to cover your daily energy requirement of 1500 kcal on average with just eleven bites. This is absolutely impossible, so it is better to stay away from it.

Cookie Diet - Sin and Still Lose Weight?
Dr. In the 1970s, Sanford Siegel from Florida mixed a very special amino acid mixture, which should help his patients lose weight, in cookie dough and baked with it. Then Dr. Siegel advised his patients to eat six of the cookies daily, along with a 300 kcal dinner. Siegel's diet was successful, for the simple reason that only 800 kcal a day were allowed. It is not the lack of energy that makes the cookie diet so unhealthy, but the very one-sided diet, which only consists of sugar-rich cookies. Losing weight healthy is different!

Master Cleanse - detoxification with a difference!
The Master Cleanse Diet is a special fasting cure designed to detoxify the body. During the fasting cure, which can last up to 40 days at will, you can only drink a homemade lemonade in addition to water. Working, learning, concentrating, being active in sports, reading - all these things are hardly possible due to the complete absence of solid food during this diet.

3-day military diet - stand at attention!
Thanks to the military diet, you should lose up to five kilos in three days. The fact is that the three days allow food that is readily available and that fits well with everyday nutrition. This includes hot dogs, vanilla ice cream and bananas. The program aims to consume no more than 1500 kcal a day. Those who think they can lose weight in this way will be bitterly disappointed!

Air Diet - Life from Air and Love?
With the air diet, you should bring an empty fork to your mouth and imagine that you are enjoying the most delicious, high-calorie and fatty meal. Food cravings should be combated. Such a diet can lead not only to serious eating disorders and muscle loss, but also to leptin resistance. Leptin is the hormone in our body that triggers a feeling of satiety after eating. Leptin resistance in humans can result in extreme overweight and slower metabolism.

Baby Food Diet - Losing weight childishly
Babies have wonderfully soft skin and rarely have weight problems. So why not eat like a baby? According to the Guru of Gwyneth Paltrow, taking baby food twice a day is quick & easy and detoxifies your body. It was completely disregarded here that adults do not have teeth for nothing in order to feed on things other than pureed and liquid food. (pm)

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