Why rose hips are so healthy

Why rose hips are so healthy

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Rosehip: That's why it's so healthy
The rosehip shrub, also known as dog rose or dog rose, belongs to the rose family. It is native to Europe, North Africa and West Asia in various forms. There it grows preferentially in gardens, on paths, forest edges and fences. The shrub can grow up to two meters high and has delicate pink, fragrant flowers. The parts of the plant used, however, are the bright red sparkling fruits and also the small granules or nuts inside. These are ripe in autumn and ready to be harvested.

Ingredients and effects
The rosehip is particularly notable for its high vitamin C content. There is also a diverse spectrum of phytochemicals. With this combination, she is a potent supporter of the immune system and is also very popular as an antiaging agent.

Forms of use and presentation
The rose hip can be found in many fruit teas. Cooking does not leave much of the vitamin C left. It is different with freshly squeezed fruits. All vital substances are largely preserved here. In folk medicine, rosehip jam is administered in teaspoons to combat loss of appetite.

The homemade jam made from freshly processed rose hips is particularly tasty - with or without the small nuts from inside the rose hip. Especially in southern Germany, the so-called Kernlestee has a tradition, which is characterized by a pleasant taste and is used in folk medicine for “blood purification”.

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