Healthier butter alternative: Exotic ghee is said to be perfect for frying and deep-frying

Healthier butter alternative: Exotic ghee is said to be perfect for frying and deep-frying

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Long-lasting and highly heatable: Ghee is the perfect butter alternative
If you want to give fried or deep-fried dishes a fine butter taste, it is best to use ghee. In contrast to conventional butter, this edible fat is highly heatable and is ideal for cooking and baking.

Gives dishes a delicious butter aroma
Exotic ingredients have become an integral part of many domestic kitchens. If you love it Asian, you can hardly avoid coconut oil. And if you want to make Indian flatbreads yourself, for example, you should add ghee to the dough. This edible fat gives dishes a delicious butter aroma.

Ghee can be heated up
If you want to cook traditionally Indian or Pakistani, you can't do without ghee. This typical ingredient is a clarified butter edible fat. It is also known as clarified butter or clarified butter.

This is indicated by the Bavarian Consumer Center. "Ghee consists of about 99 percent fat and can be used for frying and deep-frying," explains Sabine Hülsmann, nutrition expert at the Bavarian Consumer Center.

Pure butter, however, is not suitable for this. It has a higher proportion of water and milk protein and contains less fat (82 percent). Legally, butter and margarine are only real with 80 percent fat.

Since ghee can be heated to a high temperature, it can be used in many different ways. The fat is also suitable for cooking or baking and gives the food a fine butter aroma.

Ghee can simply be made by yourself: Usually the butter is heated until the water it contains evaporates. The flocculated protein components are then skimmed off and filtered out.

The finished product is now also widely available in stores.

When refrigerated, ghee can be kept for up to 15 months, at room temperature about nine months.

Another advantage: Since ghee is lactose-free, the fat can also be easily consumed by people with lactose intolerance (lactose intolerance). (ad)

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