Health risks: Organic rye wholemeal flour is currently being recalled

Health risks: Organic rye wholemeal flour is currently being recalled

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Recall for whole organic rye flour: consumption can have dangerous consequences
The Chiemgaukorn company from the Bavarian town of Trostberg has announced a recall for whole organic rye flour. Ergot alkaloids were found in the product. These can lead to dangerous poisoning. Expectant mothers are particularly at risk.

Health hazard from organic rye wholemeal flour
The company Chiemgaukorn from Trostberg (Bavaria) is recalling the article organic rye wholemeal flour in the 1 kg, 2.5 kg and 5 kg packages with the best before dates from 16.05.-15.06.2018 due to an existing health hazard. As the company announces on its website, the product was sold in the Traunstein, Rosenheim and Bad Tölz / Wolfratshausen districts through the organic trade.

Toxic metabolites
According to the information, it is exactly 65 kg of flour, a large part of which has not yet been sold and was destroyed in the seven shops to which it was delivered.

"We warn against the consumption of our product" organic rye wholemeal flour ", because ergot or its toxic metabolic products, the ergot alkaloids, were unfortunately found in a sample," says a message.

Customers who have bought the relevant item can return it to their shops for a refund of the purchase price - even without presenting the receipt.

Pregnant women are particularly at risk
An acute consequence of poisoning by ergot alkaloids, according to the company, is vasoconstricting effects that can lead to sensations or cramps, especially in the extremities, such as numbness and tingling in the fingers and toes.

Nausea and hallucinations can also be signs of poisoning. Sleepiness, disorientation, headache and confusion can also occur.

Pregnant women are particularly at risk because they are more sensitive to ergot alkaloids. The effect is only slightly weakened by heating such as baking. (ad)

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