Healthy salads of the season: these vitamins and minerals strengthen us in autumn

Healthy salads: vitamins for autumn
Especially in autumn and winter are like susceptible to flu infections. It is good to take precautions and to provide the organism with valuable vitamins and minerals on a regular basis. The best way to take in the valuable substances is through food. In autumn, some types of lettuce are in season that contain a particularly large number of vitamins and minerals.

So that the fine cell structure and the nutrients of the salads are preserved as far as possible, you should wash the salad in cold, standing water and then leave it in the water for a few minutes. This does not destroy the fine cell structure of the leaves and the dirt can sink down. Only after washing the leaves are plucked into bite-size pieces. This means they have fewer cut surfaces and retain more healthy ingredients.

In autumn you should use this fresh fruit and vegetable for a salad:
- Spinach contains a lot of potassium and calcium. Good for our muscles and nerves.
- In addition to vitamins, magnesium and selenium, kohlrabi provides.
- Pears contain a lot of folic acid.
- Mirabelle plums provide a lot of phosphorus and zinc. Important for bones and teeth, zinc also inhibits inflammation.
- Red cabbage contains a lot of fiber and vitamin K, which is important for our blood to clot.
- Endive salad is rich in vitamin C and bitter substances that get our bile going.
- Sweet corn is high in calories but contains a lot of beta-carotene.
- Celery stalks contain a lot of vitamin E, which protects our cells from free radicals. (sb)

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