Slow pace signs of increased risk of cardiac death

Slow pace signs of increased risk of cardiac death

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Is slow death likely to lead to premature death from heart disease?
Can the speed at which we are walking indicate an increased risk of heart disease? Researchers have now found that slow walking is actually a good predictor of heart disease-related deaths.

Scientists at the University of Leicester and Loughborough University found in their current study that when people walk slowly, this may indicate an increased likelihood of heart disease. The researchers released a press release on the results of their study.

Walking speed as a risk indicator
Middle-aged people who generally walk slowly have an increased risk of heart disease compared to the risk of the general population. The results of the current study show that the speed of our movements is a good predictor of deaths related to heart disease, the experts emphasize.

Doctors examined over 420,000 test subjects for their study
For their study, researchers from the University of Leicester and Loughborough University analyzed the data from a UK database of almost half a million middle-aged participants across the UK. The data were collected between 2006 and 2010. A total of 420,727 of the subjects were included in the current study.

Over 8,500 subjects died in the course of the study
After collecting the data, there were 8,598 deaths in the sample population examined in the following years. Of these, 1,654 deaths were associated with cardiovascular diseases and 4,850 deaths were attributable to cancer. In their study, the scientists were particularly interested in the connection between slow walking pace and the risk of cardiovascular disease or cancer, explains author Professor Tom Yates from the University of Leicester. In particular, the question arose whether the likelihood of premature death could be predicted from the walking pace.

People walking slowly on foot die twice as often from the consequences of heart disease
The study found that when people walk slowly, they are twice as likely to die from heart disease compared to people walking at a brisk pace, experts say. This finding was found in both men and women and is not associated with risk factors such as smoking, body mass index, diet or time in front of the television. This suggests that ordinary walking can be an independent predictor of death from heart disease, the researchers emphasize.

Slow pace indicates reduced fitness
"We also found that the walking pace reported by the participants themselves was strongly linked to the individual, objectively measured physical fitness," the authors say. This suggests that walking pace is a good measure of overall physical fitness. Therefore, walking pace can be used to identify people with low physical fitness and an increased risk of mortality. Such people could then particularly benefit from targeted physical exercise interventions, the scientists explain. (as)

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