Tight jeans: Impotent pants that are too tight?

Do you really get impotent from pants that are too tight?
An old saying goes that pants that are too tight can make men impotent. Most fashionable jeans fit the body exactly. Some even go into the bathtub so that the jeans are even tighter. But is there really a danger to the male sex? We asked once.

Do tight pants really make you impotent?
Skinny trousers are trendy, but they damage health, experts warn. Skinny jeans threaten nerve damage in the lower legs, as scientific studies have shown. When men wear very tight trousers, they sometimes have to listen to themselves that they become impotent. However, this is not the case, as a health expert said in a message from the dpa news agency. And regardless of what is meant by "impotent", said Götz Christian Melloh from the Department of Urology at the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

Sperm quality could be damaged
The doctor emphasized: "The term is no longer used." If men have erection problems, one speaks of erectile dysfunction and infertility in the case of infertility. "The erection ability is definitely not affected by tight pants," says Melloh. And according to the expert, fertility does not suffer from tight pants either. There were indications from studies that tight pants damage sperm quality because the narrowness causes an increased temperature of the testicles. "But then this affects professional groups that have to sit for a long time," explained Melloh.

Smoking reduces fertility
In addition, according to the doctor, no other influencing factors were found in such studies. As he explained, other factors are more important for sperm quality. For example, whether someone smokes, has a lot of stress or how they eat. Such circumstances were already part of scientific studies. A study by the Saarland University showed that smoking reduces male fertility. And just recently, two research teams reported that a father's high-fat diet worsened sperm. (ad)

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