Natural mint oils are effective against headaches

Naturopathic remedies can help with headaches
We don't always have to take the tablet. Natural home remedies that have been known for thousands of years can also help with headaches. One of these natural miracle cures is mint oil. The advantage: it has almost no side effects and consists of natural compositions. The effectiveness has already been demonstrated in smaller studies.

Headaches can vary greatly in intensity, location and duration and can be triggered by a variety of causes. Often, those affected quickly take painkillers, which, however, may not be of any help and may also have serious side effects.

Johannes Gottfried Mayer of the research group monastery medicine therefore recommends mint oil as a natural alternative to the headache tablets. The plant extract brings with it significantly lower risk of side effects and has almost the same effect as paracetamol and Co, said the expert.

Antispasmodic and analgesic effect from naturopathy
In the opinion of Johannes Gottfried Mayer, tablets are by no means necessary for all headaches, especially since the different active ingredients can sometimes have considerable side effects if used more frequently. There is also a risk that “regular use of painkillers will in turn lead to headaches,” warned the expert from the monastery medicine research group. According to Johannes Gottfried Mayer, different types of mint have been used in naturopathy for thousands of years as a home remedy for headaches. According to the expert, various types of plants have "essential oil with a high proportion of menthol", which has a cooling, antispasmodic and analgesic effect. "Peppermint has by far the highest proportion" of menthol, "Mayer emphasized.

Mint oil provides relief similar to paracetamol
The vegetable oils should be "used externally" for headaches by "rubbing them on the temples, forehead or on the neck", explained Johannes Gottfried Mayer. In this way, the mint oil has almost the same effectiveness as paracetamol for headaches, according to the expert. The oil is available as an extract diluted with water and alcohol in small bottles or as a roll-on, Mayer continues. Despite the extremely positive effect of mint oil on headaches, this herbal treatment method also has its disadvantages. Because the mint oil should not be used in children under the age of six, as cramps in the respiratory tract and asthma-like seizures could result, warned the specialist from the research group monastery medicine. (sb, fp)

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