Baby bureaucracy - So prepare instead of despair

So that there is no stress: Future parents should pay attention to this
Pregnancy takes a lot of effort, and mother's stress harms the baby. The body changes, the expectant mother pays attention to her nutrition, the future parents set up the apartment for the new life. To make matters worse, there is office work. Here are some tips to organize the paperwork.

Complete applications during pregnancy
If you submit applications as early as possible, you will have completed the formalities before the newborn takes time. After giving birth, all you have to do is enter the name.

Acknowledgment of paternity
Aren't you married? Then take care of the father's recognition during pregnancy. Only then will paternity become official.

Why do you need this recognition?
Official paternity is decisive at the latest when it comes to questions regarding the child's custody or inheritance rights. In order to reach them, mother and father have to go to the registry office as well as the youth welfare office. You can only submit the application with the consent of both parents.

Baby plan
Make a list of what the baby needs before it is born to save stress. Whether pram, cuddly towel or dining chair, crawl space or cradle. You can buy some things up front, but don't overdo it.

Ask mothers about second-hand baby
Babies quickly become toddlers, and the parents' house is full of things the two-year-old no longer needs. Therefore, ask friends of your parents about baby things, visit children's flea markets and search the Internet. Babies cost money, but if you take care of the essentials you can save.

Birth certificate
The linchpin of the baby bureaucracy is the birth certificate. Without a birth certificate, your child does not officially exist and you cannot apply for support. Take care of the birth certificate in the hospital or at the registry office immediately after the birth.

Apply for child benefit
Children do cost, but the state is helping them. You need an extra copy of the birth certificate, which is made specifically for the application for child benefit. The responsible office needs around four to six weeks to process the application, but also pays the child benefit retrospectively.

The Residents' Registration Office
Submit your birth certificate to the Residents' Registration Office as soon as possible. You can also apply for a children's ID there and quickly show the little ones the world. For this you need a biometric photo of the child.

Health insurance
Include the child in the family insurance. The newborn is initially insured through the mother, but please quickly clarify your own official insurance for the child.

What do you need for health insurance?
You need a special form of birth certificate - you usually get this when you hand over the birth certificate yourself. You can get the application for insurance from your health insurance company.

What about private insurance?
Are you privately insured? Then it gets complicated. If you earn beyond a certain limit, private health insurance must take care of the baby. There is no waiting time or risk assessment, but you have to pay an extra contribution - which, depending on the insurance, can be juicy.

When do you have to apply to private health insurance?
You must apply for private insurance two months after the birth.

Parental allowance
You can receive parental allowance retroactively for up to three months. You apply for it at the parental allowance office in your state. Visit family centers during pregnancy and get advice here. It is best to fill out the application before the child is born.

Parental leave
You do not need an application for parental leave. However, you must inform your employer in writing seven weeks before the start of this period. This also includes questions such as whether you want to work part-time, how many hours and on which days.

If pregnant women have stress, the unborn baby suffers
Preparing yourself not only relieves the expectant mother, but also the child. Stress releases hormones, increases blood pressure and thus affects both the child in the body and the mother.

Prepare instead of despair
The German state gives a lot of help to new mothers and fathers. However, as usual in German bureaucracy, the following applies: the earlier you start the formalities, the more carefully you fill in the applications, the faster you will receive the support they are entitled to.

Easy going doesn't work
Don't take it easy, because the employees in the responsible authorities don't do that either - on the contrary, when it comes to money, they are often picky. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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