Schooling: Think about your ears if you start wrong

Schooling: Think about your ears if you start wrong

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Otolaryngologists from North Rhine-Westphalia emphasize the importance of hearing tests
Foreign surroundings, new social contacts and the changed daily routine pose great challenges for children when they start school. They are even more difficult to manage when ABC shooters cannot hear properly. Lack of concentration, poor learning success or depression are not only indications of a bad start in the new phase of life, but can also indicate hearing loss. This is pointed out by the HNOnet-NRW, an association of resident ENT doctors.

Children still have their whole lives ahead of them and small disabilities are far more important to them than adults. Good hearing plays a special role in the development of school children. It influences language development, enables social integration and, last but not least, improves the quality of life. Hearing disorders are particularly common among beginners. If they persist for a long time, this can lead to delays in language development and an often severe learning impairment.

“At the first signs, parents should see a specialist and have objective hearing tests. Hearing tests, such as those carried out by pediatricians during the U examinations, are often not sufficient, ”emphasizes Dr. Uso Walter, CEO of the network. Reason: The middle ear deafness that occurs most frequently in children, which is caused by tympanic effusions - that is, the accumulation of fluid in the middle ear - places high demands on examination techniques. In addition to ear microscopy and various hearing tests, this also requires a pressure measurement of the middle ear and an examination of the nose and sinuses.

"Causes are often versatile," says Dr. Walter. "Ear wax, which clogs the ear canals, polyps in the nasopharynx and chronic nasal and sinus infections lead to such hearing loss." Timpani effusions lead to a hearing loss in which the sound is no longer completely conducted from the outer ear to the inner ear. The rarer occurrence of inner ear deafness partly attributes otolaryngologists to inherited factors, in which the hearing ability can deteriorate with age. Around every fifth child with hearing loss suffers from hearing loss only in the course of childhood.

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