New app: Get your holiday relaxation with your smartphone

Preserve that holiday feeling with your smartphone in everyday work
A vacation makes you happy and healthy. But after the days off, you are often quickly caught up in everyday work. How can you still preserve your vacation relaxation? The smartphone may be able to help with this.

Preserve vacation relaxation in everyday life
Most people manage to come back from vacation well rested. But staying relaxed after the vacation is not possible for many. A team of researchers from Germany and Finland is now investigating how relaxation can be maintained beyond the holiday. At the Leuphana University of Lüneburg, recreational training was developed for this purpose, the Holidaily 2.0 app. Stressed working people should be supported with their help to keep the vacation relaxation in the daily work routine.

Balance between tension and relaxation
The Leuphana research project in collaboration with BARMER GEK is devoted to the question of how relaxation can last longer after a holiday. The scientists are investigating whether this can be achieved with the "Holidaily app", according to a statement from the university.

Holidaily accompanies vacationers with the holiday preparations, during the vacation and especially afterwards. It offers small daily exercises for relaxation, so-called "dailies". The motto of the recreational training is: "Take a little vacation every day in your professional life".

The app "helps professionals find a balance between tension and relaxation," says Prof. Dr. Christoph Straub, CEO of BARMER, in a press release.

Three proven exercises from recreational research are proposed to the user every day. He also learns more about his personal strengths and weaknesses in recovery.

Those who practice regularly collect points and ensure that their virtual holiday companions Holidave and Holidaisy are doing well.

Improved resistance to stress
“We designed the Holidaily app with a wink. Holidaily has something playful, ”said study director Prof. Dirk Lehr from the Institute of Psychology at Leuphana.

"However, the background is the very important role of good rest in everyday life, in protecting against the harmful effects of chronic stress."

In a first study, it had already been observed that working people who train with Holidaily are less likely to suffer from depressive exhaustion in their everyday work. Resistance to stress has also improved.

"Almost 30 percent of the participants in 'Holidaily' showed signs of depressive symptoms. During the vacation, the proportion dropped significantly and remained below the initial value afterwards, ”explained the health psychologist.

Vacationers who are interested in participating in the research project can find out more about the study here and register for participation. (ad)

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