Household dishcloths: Bad smell indicates strong contamination

No matter whether it is dishcloths or sponges, at the latest when washing utensils start to smell, they should be replaced with new ones. When used several times a day, sponges and the like remain usable for about a week. They germinate least quickly if they are washed out thoroughly after use and hung up or stored in an airy place for quick drying.

If you want to use cloths several times, you should wash them at 60 ° C with a full detergent in the washing machine. This is the only way to reduce the levels of bacteria and other microorganisms to such an extent that the utensils are then suitable, for example, as cleaning rags.

On the other hand, you should keep your hands off heating in the microwave: firstly, rags or sponges can start to burn if they are heated for too long. Secondly, this primarily only reduces the number of harmless microorganisms, as has now been determined for the first time in a scientific study by the university in Furtwangen. The potential pathogens, on the other hand, survived microwave heating better and were subsequently able to multiply and to a greater extent than the harmless microorganisms. Ute Gomm, respectively

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