Less calories? Yogurt is often missing from yogurt ice cream

Less calories? Yogurt is often missing from yogurt ice cream

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Low in fat and calories? Yogurt flavored ice cream doesn't necessarily contain a lot of yogurt
On a hot summer day, there is hardly anything better than enjoying a delicious ice cream. In recent years, yoghurt ice cream in particular has become increasingly popular. It is considered a low-fat and low-calorie product. However, experts point out that the percentage of yoghurt can vary considerably.

Yogurt ice cream is the trend
On a hot summer day there is hardly anything cooler than delicious ice cream. However, health experts advise against excessive consumption, since ice cream is one of the typical calorie traps in summer. However, not all varieties are calorie bombs. Yogurt ice cream is now being offered in more and more ice cream parlors. But this is also not necessarily a lower calorie count.

No minimum requirement
Yogurt ice cream is trendy and is being offered in more and more variations. "With a name that refers to yogurt, many consumers expect a low-fat and low-calorie product," explains Heidrun Schubert of the Bavarian Consumer Center in a message.

However, the nutritionist makes it clear that the percentage of yogurt can vary widely. “According to the guiding principles for ice cream, yoghurt ice cream should contain at least 35 percent yogurt as a valuable ingredient,” says Schubert.

This minimum requirement does not apply to "ice cream with yoghurt flavor" and there is no legal definition for "frozen yoghurt" either.

Just make ice cream yourself
Unfortunately, especially in open sales, consumers often cannot see how high the yogurt content is, emphasizes the nutrition expert.

A scoop of "real" yoghurt ice cream with around 115 calories provides significantly less energy than a scoop of chocolate ice cream with an average of 170 calories.

Homemade water ice cream can also be a healthy and fresh alternative. Delicious and low-fat varieties can be conjured up from pureed fruits, water and honey or agave syrup. (ad)

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