Small child infected with carnivorous bacteria through tiny laceration

Small child infected with carnivorous bacteria through tiny laceration

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Carnivorous bacteria put young boys in mortal danger
In the UK, a four-year-old boy became infected with carnivorous bacteria after suffering a small laceration over his eye. Just a few hours after the injury was treated, the boy started to vomit and his eyes became swollen. When the mother took the boy to a hospital, she was told that her son had a dangerous bacterial infection that affects the tissues of the skin so that released toxins begin to eat the meat.

Little Rhys Pritchard fell unhappily on his head in the garden, causing a small wound on the eye. The boy's mother immediately took him to a hospital to have the small wound on his head treated over his eye. The cut was sewn with a few stitches, but a few hours later the boy started to vomit and his eyes swelled. The mother then drove back to the hospital with her son, and the doctors diagnosed that the boy had a carnivorous bacterial infection called necrotizing fasciitis, reports British media.

What is necrotizing fasciitis?
This disease is an extremely rare and very dangerous bacterial infection, in which the pathogens release toxins in human tissue, which then decompose the flesh of those affected, the experts explain. Necrotizing fasciitis is a rare but serious bacterial infection that affects the tissue under the skin and the surrounding muscles and organs (fascia), explains the British National Heatlh Service (NHS).

The child's temperature suddenly rose sharply
It was a terrible situation for mother and child. "Rhys looked petrified, I tried to stay calm and told him that the treatment from the doctors would make everything better," said the mother Keisha. As the boy's body was checked for infection, the situation started to worsen. His temperature suddenly rose dramatically and the boy was in severe pain. "It was terrible to see him in such a state," added the mother.

Doctors had to intervene surgically
Over the next two days, fluid-filled swellings formed on the boy's eyes. The surgeons were ultimately forced to cut away the infected tissue and skin on his eyelid and drain the fluid. The boy was transferred to an isolation ward and all people who wanted to visit him had to wear special protective suits. It was really terrifying, reports the mother.

Medic: One day later, treatment would have been too late
Even ten months after the treatment, Rhys is still unable to completely close his right eye. Further operations for correction are necessary before the previous state of health can hopefully be restored. The doctors had told the mother that if treatment for the dangerous infection had started just a day later, it would have been too late for the boy.

Child had to spend eleven days in a hospital
"It was terrifying to hear that these pathogens could have made Rhys blind or even die from the infection, and I'm glad I drove to the hospital before it was too late," said the child's mother. Rhys spent a total of eleven days at the University Hospital in Wales before returning to his parents. However, further interventions are necessary, for example to treat his right eye. (as)

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