Natural medic: Why hay flowers make you healthy

Hay flower application in natural medicine
To "make hay" you mow a meadow. If it is an unfertilized, herbaceous and flowery mountain or lean meadow, it delivers the best quality for hay flowers. The name is a collective term and refers to a mixture of dried flowers, seeds, fruits and smaller pieces of leaf or stem from various meadow plants - mainly from sweet grasses such as mercury, trespa, foxtail, loophole, fescue, Liesch-, tangle and smoked grass. There are also various types of clover and other blooming meadow flowers.

Hay flower blossoms are only used externally and always warm (approx. 42 ° C) in the form of hay flower bags or as a hay flower bath. Ingredients absorbed through the skin, such as coumarins, furanocoumarins, flavonoids, essential oils and tannins, have a slightly irritating effect on the tissues and therefore promote blood circulation. They activate tissue metabolism, improve the elasticity of the connective tissue and relieve pain.

Sebastian Kneipp, a true advocate of the “hay sack”, recommended her for rheumatic diseases and joint wear (arthrosis), as well as for calming and relaxing muscle pain (myalgia).

In folk medicine, hay flowers are used to strengthen the immune system against colds, for the treatment of flu infections and fever, for skin diseases, menopausal symptoms and kidney and bladder diseases.

Even today midwives advise first-time mothers to ease childbirth from the 38th week of pregnancy onwards by sitting steam baths with hay flower blossoms in order to loosen and soften the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Although hay flowers are versatile, they should never be used for acute rheumatism attacks, open wounds or acute inflammation. It is also advisable to avoid a known grass pollen allergy.

For conventional medicine, hay flowers are of little interest, since the different composition with regard to the diversity and proportion of the individual species, depending on the meadow location and the time or frequency of the mowing, does not allow any clear pharmaceutical information. Nevertheless, the hot hay flower sack receives a certain recognition as a heat carrier for diseases of the rheumatic type, whereby the healing effect is more likely due to the uniform heat emission.

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