Healthy sleep: Naked sleepers also face colds on warmer nights

Night's rest during hot nights: Naked sleepers catch cold easily
For a good night's sleep, the room temperature in the bedroom should be between 16 and 18 degrees. In summer, however, it is often much warmer in the house. Some people therefore undress completely in bed. This is not recommended for health reasons, because nude sleepers get cold easily.

When it's too warm to sleep at night
Those who do not sleep enough are not only tired during the day, but also endanger their health. For a good night's sleep, according to experts, the room temperature in the bedroom should be between 16 and 18 degrees. However, this is often out of the question in summer. Because when it is 30 degrees and more during the day, the temperatures in the rooms also rise. Nevertheless, you should not go to bed naked. Otherwise there are health risks.

Body temperature is not properly regulated in deep sleep
Even when the nights are so hot, it is better not to sleep naked, because this increases the risk of a cold.

As the Berlin sleep doctor Prof. Thomas Penzel explains in the current issue (7B / 2017) of the "Pharmacy Review", the body no longer regulates its temperature properly when people sleep deeply.

If a window is also open or an air conditioning system is in operation, it is easy to get a cold.

Sleeping naked is not only recommended to a limited extent only because of the risk of catching a cold, but also for hygienic reasons. Because at night we give off up to half a liter of sweat.

Light sleepwear and a thin blanket
So that you can sleep despite the summer heat, you should, for example, replace duvets with light cotton sheets or thin blankets.

Sleep medicine specialist Penzel also recommends light sleepwear made from natural materials such as linen or silk.

Another tip for sleeping aid for tropical nights: turn the hot water bottle into a cold water bottle.

To do this, fill them with water and put them in the fridge about three hours before bed.

It is best to wrap the cool bottle in a thin sheet and take it to bed. A short shower with lukewarm water before bed can be relaxing and stimulates sleep. (ad)

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