Right? Can't drink a glass of water after eating cherries?

Eating cherries and drinking water causes abdominal pain - is this really true?
Cherries are extremely popular with many Germans. The fruits taste best fresh. However, eating too much of it can cause abdominal pain. Drinking water after eating cherries also promotes stomachache. But is that really true?

Healthy fruits with few calories
There is hardly a supermarket that does not currently offer cherries. The delicious fruits tempt you to snack. Not only are they low in calories, they are also very healthy. The fruit is rich in nutrients such as folic acid, iron, potassium, magnesium and B and C vitamins. The secondary plant substances contained in the cherries are said to have a preventive effect against cardiovascular diseases. But you shouldn't eat too much of it, otherwise you get stomach ache. Drinking water after eating cherries is said to promote stomach ache. Is that really true?

Don't drink water after eating cherries?
"Eaten cherries, drank water, got a stomachache ...". Is the old child's saying really correct? "No more," writes the initiative "Too good for the bin!" Of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL).

According to the experts, there used to be "probably germs such as yeast in drinking water that made the stomach grumble". Today, however, the quality of our drinking water is very good.

Bacteria in the large intestine
According to Christian Sina, director of the Institute of Nutritional Medicine at the University of Lübeck, the yeast theory is not a good explanation, reports "Spiegel Online".

Since gastric acid is about a million times more acidic than water, there are poor survival conditions for yeasts and other microorganisms.

The expert rather assumes that bacteria that populate the large intestine as natural inhabitants are responsible for the complaints. The microorganisms decompose parts of the fruit and produce gases.

Water could exacerbate the symptoms
According to the doctor, a cup of cherries contains up to three grams of fiber. If these are broken down by bacteria in the large intestine, a mixture of methane, nitrogen compounds and other gases is formed within half an hour after eating, which stretches the intestinal wall. It hurts.

"A bloated belly can almost always be explained by fermentation processes in the large intestine," says Sina, according to "Spiegel Online".

In his view, even the drinking warning could make sense: "The water could intensify the symptoms by ensuring that the cherries slide into the intestine faster."

A pound of cherries is too much for the stomach
The experts at “Too good for the bin!” Also know that stomach pain can occur after enjoying the cherry.

They explain: “There are germs on the fruit skin that are normally harmless to the body. The stomach acid kills most. "

But those who eat large quantities of cherries (more than half a kilo) overwhelm their stomach. The fermentation processes in the stomach can then cause abdominal pain. (ad)

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